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Creating Your First Application

Tropo provides an easy-to-learn, easy-to-implement scripting environment designed for creating a wide variety of communications applications. Your script runs on our servers, very similar to the way a web application runs on a web server. Instead of interacting with the user via a web browser, a Tropo application interacts with the user via text messaging or through voice using a telephone or Voice Over IP.

Developing applications using Tropo Scripting is easy to learn. You can use JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python or Groovy to create scripts that call Tropo’s communication functions; there’s no new language to learn! All of the low-level stuff is handled behind the scenes.

It takes only 1 line of code to answer a phone call, play a message using our Text To Speech (TTS) and an MP3 to the caller and then disconnect:

say("Guess what?");
say "Guess what?"
say("Guess what?");
say("Guess what?")
say("Guess what?")

Getting a script like this running is every bit as easy as writing it. You can either enter your script and store it free on our servers, or store it on your own server and give Tropo the URL to find it. Once you create your application, you assign it a phone number and that’s it! Dial the number, Tropo executes the script, and you'll hear the message.

Lets walk you through creating an app that uses the previous script. is currently a concierge service, with no self-signup. Request an account at and we'll get you started.

Once you're logged in, create your test application:

  1. Start by clicking on the "My Apps" link along the top, then select "Create application" in the dropdown.
  2. Give the app a name, then select Tropo Scripting from the two options that follow.
  3. Click the "New Script" link to the right of the empty field; this will launch the Script Editor.
  4. Add in the sample code here, then at the very bottom give the file a name with the appropriate language extension (.rb for Ruby, .php for PHP, .py for Python, .js for JavaScript and .groovy for Groovy will all work); hit the Save button to save and continue with the app creation.
  5. Next, add a phone number to make it easy to call and test the app. Make sure to select a number that can receive voice calls. Start by selecting your preferred country from the Country drop down, followed by the region in the Region drop down. Don't see your country in the list? Tropo is adding new countries constantly, and only countries with available numbers appear here. Contact support to request a specific country.
  6. Click the Finish button at the bottom left of the screen to create the app.
  7. That's it! Give the phone number a call to test it out!